WiseUp 03/2017 Sonic Borders

Guillermo Galindo’s interpretation of concepts such as musical form, time perception, music notation, sonic archetypes and his original use of sonic devices span a wide spectrum of output. By appropriating concepts from a variety of disciplines and traditions such as anthropology, electroacoustic music or Jungian psychology – the mexican composer, inventor and performance artist offers Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp 01/2017 – Homage Mark Fisher & Zygmunt Bauman

Time goes by most of the time too fast. Another year full of interesting music passed and right at the beginning of the new year two remarkable thinkers pass away. As much as this is a review of pasts years music it is a homage to Mark Fisher & Zygmunt Bauman and their inspiring analysis Read the full article… »»»»

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Jukebox Utopia – Farewell-2016-Mix

End of the year mixdown! Getting the past out of the system with music. Playing tracks by M.I.A., Schwabingrad Ballet, Leonard Cohen, Ennio Morricone, John Lennon and more. Recorded at AU Vienna. Thank you! »»»»

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WiseUp! 12/2016 Elevate Festival

This months program is focusing on the Austrian Elevate Festival, which has been taking place for the 12th time this year in Graz. Elevate offers a musical journey away from well-known Best-Of-Sets, challenging artists and audiences alike. Elevate strives to analyze current social developments – aiming to present alternatives, which can contribute to a better future. »»»»

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Film zu Berlin, Arbeitsverhältnissen und Gender

Tipp: http://www.filmgalerie451.de/filme/eine-flexible-frau/ »»»»

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Speech during 19th Biennial IASPM Conference 26 June – 30 June 2017

Popular Music Studies Today 19th Biennial IASPM Conference 26 June – 30 June 2017 University of Kassel Germany 19th Biennial IASPM Conference Bianca Ludewig: Lecture: Dancecult Presents… EDM Contexts and Representations Abstract: Researching popular music through transmedia festivals The proposed presentation will offer a further development of ethnographic research methodology within the context of popular Read the full article… »»»»

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Oct 21st 2016 – panel discussion during Elevate Festival 2016

Panel discussion on We Are Europe´s 2016 theme Friday, 21 Oct 2016 – 19:30 – 21:00 Forum Stadtpark: Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz Language of the event: en Live broadcast on Okto.tv on Austria’s cable networks and live streaming on okto.tv Discussion Adrienne Goehler (de) Fabrice Starzinskas (fr) Thomas Burkhalter (ch) Shilla Strelka (at) Bianca Ludewig Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2016 Jacques Palminger

(Deutsch) Dub-Treff mit Jacques Palminger beim Heart of Noise Festival 2016! Der 2. Teil des Rückblicks auf das Innsbrucker Festival, das seit 2011 Sound Art, aber vor allem musikalische Perspektiven elektronischer und experimenteller Musik der Gegenwart zeigt. »»»»

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Entdramatisierung // Sommermix Pi Radio 2016

The mix is exploring anticipation and (Ent-)Dramatisierung. Emotional tension and release. It ultimately asks: What makes you shine? »»»»

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WiseUp! 06/2016 Heart of Noise Festival 2016

(Deutsch) “Das HEART OF NOISE-Festival führt den Hörer dorthin, wo das Zentrum der Töne, Klänge und Geräusche liegt, in das Zentrum der momentanen Avantgarde.” (HON press-text) Der 1. Teil eines Rückblicks auf das Innsbrucker Festival, das seit 2011 Sound Art, aber vor allem musikalische Perspektiven elektronischer und experimenteller Musik der Gegenwart zeigt. Auch Jean Michel Jarre hat dieses Jahr einen Beitrag zum Thema gemacht. Und doch ist das Ganze ein Aufwärmen für den 2. Teil, der einen der FestivalkünstlerInnen – nämlich Jaques Palminger – in den Fokus nimmt. »»»»

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WiseUp! 04/2016 Subculture Berlin 80: Mark Reeder & K7

WiseUpRadio is focusing this time on Berlins Subculture of the 1980s. This was an evening in Berlin with rare videos of concerts in West-Berlin which Horst Weidenmüller, now head of !K7 Records, was filming in the 80s featuring bands like Neubauten, Malaria or Nick Cave. These videos capture “the nervous energy of Berlin’s subculture of the 1980s”. Wiseup sat down for an interview with Weidenmüller and Mark Reeder who edited the material & organized the screening. This is accompanied with music of the artists featured in the footage. »»»»

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WiseUp! 04/2016 Zweikommasieben

(Deutsch) WiseUp im Gespräch mit zweikommasieben – Magazin für Klubkultur. Zweikommasieben ist ein Magazin aus der Schweiz, das seit 2011 zeitgenössischer Klubkultur dokumentiert. Dabei werden Künstler interviewt, Essays und Kolumnen geschrieben sowie Fotografien, Illustrationen und Grafiken kreiert. Zudem veranstaltet zweikommasieben regelmässig in verschiedenen Städten Konzerte, Partys, Klubnächte, Matineen oder Raves. »»»»

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WiseUp! 03/2016 – CTM 2016: Beirut Musicscene & Rojava Revolution

The CTM festival 2016 focused on “new” geographies in the global landscape. Together with last months edition this is a unit dealing with musical & political activities in the Middle East. WiseUp focuses its attention once more towards the Lebanon in an interview with Beiruts radiohost & music activist Ziad Nawfal.
The second part features the Rojava solidarity campaign organized by the network female:pressure. They introduced their initiative for the women of Rojava at the CTM discourse program with a discussion of f:p members DJ Ipek, AGF, Sky Deep, Annie Goh and women involved in the Rojava Revolution. »»»»

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WiseUp! 02/2016 – Jerusalem In My Heart & CTM 2016

This edition is dealing with the so called “new” geographies in the global musical landscape, which was the theme of CTM festival 2016 which invited several artists from Lebanon, Indonesia or Egypt which WiseUp will focus. I took the chance and interviewed Radwan Ghazi Moumneh at CTM – a Canadian musician with Lebanese roots, who’s project Jerusalem In My Heart has been lingering around for 10 years as a live project, but has become more known since he released his debut album 2013. »»»»

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WiseUp! 01/2016 Lena Willikens & Review 2015

This is the annual end of the year review and a preview to CTM festival 2016. There were loads of great releases in 2015! For example Lena Willikens – who released her EP Phantom Delia in early 2015, and we did an interview April 2015 @ Rokolectiv Festival. For the past five years, she has been in charge of long and sweaty Friday night parties at Düsseldorf’s Salon Des Amateurs. She is also a dedicated member of the Cómeme records tribe. As a DJ, radio broadcaster (check out her show Sentimental Flashback), producer, and Theremin player, Lena is never committed to one style, all is welcome as long as it is twisted the in a one-of-a-kind way. When she spins records she likes to let herself go in the name of dance and free thought. »»»»

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WiseUp! Spezial 10/2015 we love surveillance mix

This is the extended version of the “we love surveillance mix” originally made for a demo against masssurveillance and the BND, one of Germanys 3 institutions involved in the secret service and surveillance. This is the extended version for radio. »»»»

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WiseUp! 09/2015 Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin, one half of the Hamburg based futuristic noise band Klangkrieg, lives and works against the rest of the world. His activities comprise Sci-Fi Pop/Noise/animation films/radio plays/experimental broadcasting. As the messenger of exploding lungs he started his label “Gagarin Records” in 1998 and rules the “syndicate of counter-noise” since 1999. His experiences both in electroacoustic music and strange electronic pop (that he followed already in the early 80ies) induced him to launch a vinyl record label for all kinds of Dada-Electronics on the edge of pop and experimental music. »»»»

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We Love Surveillance – Mix By Jukebox Utopia

https://bnd-an-die-kette.de/ http://www.amnesty.de/ https://digitalcourage.de/ https://www.reporter-ohne-grenzen.de/ http://www.whistleblower-net.de »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2015 Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin is the stage name of Elizabeth Bernholz (née Walling) – a British composer, producer and musician from Brighton, England. After singing in bands and experimenting with classic and folk styles she discovered pop, darkwave, electronic, and experimental music which she produces as Gazelle Twin. After a demo and 2 previously released singles her debut album, The Entire City, was released in 2011 to critical acclaim. Her latest album, Unflesh, was The Quietus’ Album of the Year 2014. »»»»

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WiseUp! 06/2015 Rokolectiv Festival – Future Nuggets Label

WiseUp went to Bukarest to attend the Rokolectiv – Festival for electronic music and related arts for its 10th anniversary and the program features an interview with Mihaela Vasile who creates and organizes the festival together with Cosmin Tapu. I used the time to do more interviews with artists and this time you can hear the interview with Bukarest based Ion Dumitrescu who runs this exciting romanian label. But Future Nuggets is also a collective of musicians from Romania and stands for a psychedelic scene, whether fictitious or real, waiting to be discovered. You will find out about wedding music from egypt and romania – like manele, proto-manele, the music of the albatros generation and other psychedelic sounds. »»»»

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WiseUp! 03/2015 Borusiade

My guest in the studio is this time Miruna, performing under the moniker of Borusiade (formally DJ Boru). She is a DJ and producer from Bukarest who is living in Berlin since many years. As part of the electronic music scene in Bukarest as well as Berlin we are listening to some of her new tracks and to other artists from Romania and get to know the Berlin based label Cómeme. We will take a preview on the Rokolectiv – festival for electronic music and related arts – in Bukarest end of april, where Borusiade will be playing. »»»»

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WiseUp! 02/2015 Die ersten Tage von Berlin – Der Sound der Wende

(Deutsch) Zu Gast ist der Journalist Ulrich Gutmair – Autor des Buchs “Die ersten Tage von Berlin – der Sound der Wende” mit dem sich diese Sendung intensiv beschäftigt. Das Buch ist eine Spurensuche in die Nachwendezeit von Berlin-Mitte und die Anfänge der lokalen Szene der elektronischen Musik. Gutmair liest Auszüge aus seinem Buch, spielt Platten aus dieser Zeit und beantwortet Fragen. Musik, Orte, Menschen, Geschichtsschreibung sowie die Erinnerung oder das Vergessen werden thematisiert. »»»»

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WiseUp! 01/2015 Pure

(Deutsch) der pure wahnsinn: peter votavar aka pure war zu gast im studio. der wiener-berliner oldschooler intensiviert sein musikverhältnis 1990 als dj in wien und sein erstes solo album erscheint 1994. bekannt machten ihn vor allem seine abentheuer mit christopher just als ilsa gold in den 1990ern. seit dem sind genres wie experimental und dark ambient ebenso seine vertrauten wie breakcore/hardcore oder oldschool techno/acid/electro. Über all dies weiss er zu berichten, ebenso wie über seine projekte heart chamber orchestra, prszr, bolder oder musiksoftwareprogrammierung. wir tauchen in die tiefen der letzten schallplattenrille, streifen durch die diskografie und bringen rostschutz in die gehörgänge. »»»»

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Prolls mit Klasse

(Deutsch) WiseUp folgt diesmal der Figur des Prolls. Anlässlich des 50jährigen Jubiläums der Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) stellte Moritz Ege seine Dissertation “Ein Proll mit Klasse. Mode, Popkultur und soziale Ungleichheiten unter jungen Berliner Männern in Berlin” an der Universität Innsbruck vor. Das CCCS war ein kleines, aber bis heute in der Kulturwissenschaft einflussreiches Institut an der University of Birmingham, die in den 70er und 80er Jahren grundlegende interdisziplinäre Forschungen zu Subkultur und Popkultur vorlegten. Diese untersuchten kulturelle Erscheinungen unter Berücksichtigung von sozialstrukturellen Merkmalen wie class, race, gender. Moritz Ege befasst sich in seinem Vortrag und seiner ethnografischen Studie mit der Aktualität der CCCS Studien. Berliner Prolls mit Klasse hören auch deutschsprachigen HipHop, der als illustrativer Soundtrack, den Vortrag begleitet. Eine Einladung zur Suche nach den vielfältigen Facetten des Prolls und dem Proll in uns. »»»»

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WiseUp! 11/2014 Skug 100 Symposium

(Deutsch) Anlässlich der 100. Ausgabe des Wiener Musikmagazins Skug, sendet WiseUp Auszüge aus dem Skug Symposium “Musikjournalismus und Popkulturforschung zwischen Academia, Bohemia und Prekariat”, das im Wiener Fluc am 22.10.2014 stattfand. Zu hören gibt es die Einführung von Chefredaktuer Heinrich Deisl und den Vortrag “Ausnüchtern am Aufmerksamkeitsmarkt” der Gender- und Medienforscherin Kristina Pia Hofer. »»»»

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WiseUp! 10/2014 Ars Electronica/Linz – Futurelab /Ghostradio/Stadtwerkstatt

Some bits and pieces from the Ars Electronica Festival 2014 in Linz: Interview with “the sound guy” young sun kim, resident at AE Futurelab; interview with markus decker & pamela neuwirth – who are working on cryptographic key generation, chance and ghostradio; together with franz xaver who has information on the work of Stadtwerkstatt Linz and their new media artist residency programm at Messschiff Eleonore, donautic research or the floating village. Alongside a mix up of electronic, experimental, ambient, noise, pop… sound. »»»»

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Live at Rhiz Vienna, Salon Skug 10/2014 By Jukebox Utopia

This is a set recorded in Vienna @ the extended Salon Skug – a party for the 100th issue of the austrian music magazine. The second half is together with Shilla Strelka, another author of this fine magazine. »»»»

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WiseUp! 9/2014 Ars Electronica – TimesUp Artcollective

Wiseup visited the Ars Electronica festival in Linz/ Austria which had its 35th anniversary this september. The festival was the starting point for researching the cultural landscape and artscene in Linz, which is entangled with the emergence and advancement of the Ars Electronica – festival for technology, art & society. »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2014 – Neue Rechte Jugendbewegung

(Deutsch) Die AutorInnen Natascha Strobl und Julian Bruns im Interview.
Die Identitären, deren Anfänge um das Jahr 2002 auszumachen sind, verstehen sich als Jugendbewegung der ›Neuen Rechten‹ in Europa. Seit der Initialzündung in Frankreich haben sich u.a. in Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz, Italien, Großbritannien, Spanien sowie Dänemark, Schweden und Norwegen Ablegergruppen gegründet, die untereinander vernetzt sind und sich im strukturellen Aufbau befinden. »»»»

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Whats Your Style? Jukebox Utopia 2014

It was about time for a new mix. So here is one I made for the pi radio summerbreak. Hard to say whats the style or tag for this mix. It is influended by my research into experimental-electronic-music. This is my first mix made with digital files – odd feeling for sure. None the less you can hear dope music. Reconstructing the playlist was even harder – its not complete.

Headphones recommended. »»»»

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WiseUp! 07/2014 – Heart Of Noise 2014: Robert Lippok & Philip Jeck

(Deutsch) Anfang Juni fand das Heart of Noise Festival Innsbruck zum 4. Mal statt. Kuratorisch ist das Programm dieses Jahr an der Schnittstelle von abstrakter Club-Electronica zu Elektroakustik, Showgaze oder Ambient sowie harsh-noisigen Experimenten verortet. Wiseup macht einen musikalischen Spaziergang durch das Festival Lineup. Dazu gibt es einige Interviews – mit dem Musiker Robert Lippok und dem Videokünstler Lillevan, zwei Urgesteinen der Berliner Szene; mit dem Psychedelik-Ambient Duo Aun, der Multimedia-Aktivistin Holly Herndon und dem Ambient-Turntabelist Philip Jeck. »»»»

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WiseUp! 05/2014 – New Music

Presenting new releases of hip hop and electronica. More indepth new records of labels project moon circle or rhymesayers and introducing the small english label technicolour recordings. And a little special on Footwork/ Juke producer DJ Rashad who passed away in may 2014. RIP! »»»»

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WiseUp! 04/2014 DJ Culture in the Mix

In april wiseup explores the the book ‘dj culture in the mix’ in an interview with one of the editors Hillegonda Reitveld, who is a scholar for dance music and dj culture. She was a musician herself and worked in the legendary hacienda club in manchester where she was witnessing the evolving uk club culture. Later wiseup checks out the line up of the upcoming heart of noise festival. »»»»

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Wiseup! 02/2014 – CTM Festival

(Deutsch) Das CTM – festival for adventurous music & art – fand dieses Jahr zum 15. Mal vom 24.01.-2.2.2014 in Berlin statt. WiseUp war bei der Jubiläumsedition dabei und hat Oliver Baurhenn, einen der Initiatoren und Macher, zum Interview geladen, um die Frage “was ist und will CTM?” en detail zu beantworten. Dazu Musik aus dem CTM 2014 LineUp. »»»»

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WiseUp! 12/2013 – End of the year review

Much good music in the field of future beats, hiphop and other genres has been made & released in 2013: emika, copeland, om unit, raffertie, acid washed, the uncluded, damion davis and more. For details see the playlist. »»»»

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WiseUp! 11/2013 – Böse Musik

(Deutsch) Böse Musik – Oden an Gewalt Tod und Teufel @ HKW Berlin 10’2013: Performances, Lectures, Exhibition, Microsymposium. Keynote/ Dietmar Dath und Interviews mit Ale Dumbsky/ Pure Hate, Kode9/ AUDINT/ Martial Hauntology, Duna Brill/ Schöne Böse Welt, . Evil Music Soundtrack. »»»»

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Wiseup! 10/2013 – New Releases

New releases for the stereo player. A selection of brand new releases of this summer/fall by the following and more labels: Monkeytown Records, PMC, Decon, Stonesthrow, Exploited, Love Monk, Ghostly International, K7… No moderation or talking, just music. »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2013 – R.I.P Equinox Records

Today, I would like to announce that Equinox Records is closing. The “Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3” album, the 50th vinyl release on the label, marks the final item. The closure has been a decision made in late 2011. At that time it almost seemed impossible as the label has been my life – today, it has proved to be the right step. »»»»

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HipHop and Her Friends Mix – Jukebox Utopia 2013


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Wiseup! 07/2013 – Heart Of Noise Festival #2

(Deutsch) Heart of Noise Festival 2 – Detroit, Berlin & Beyond. Interviews und Musik zum Heart of Noise Festival 2013; im zweiten Teil mit Shampoo Boy, Elektro Guzzi, Lissi Rettenwander und Bretterkeller. »»»»

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WiseUp! 7/2013 – EMIKA

(Deutsch) Emika – Produzentin, Sängerin und noch mehr im Interview. Sie hat gerade ihr wunderbares zweites Album DVA auf Ninja Tune veröffentlicht. Trackauswahl ihrer Diskographie und vom neuen wunderbaren Album. »»»»

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Wiseup! 07/2013 – Heart Of Noise Festival #1

(Deutsch) Heart of Noise führt 2013 zum dritten Mal hinaus aus dem allgegenwärtigen Rauschen der Kulturwirklichkeit, dorthin wo das Herz der Töne, Klänge und Geräusche schlägt. 2013 zeigt das Festival den utopischen Retrofuturismus eines Jeff Mills und das Dröhnen der Stadtwüsten. Wir besuchen die Oasen der Virtuosität und Verspieltheit und folgen dem roten Faden der letzten Musikgeschichte, dem Pulsieren der Klubs und Szenen mit Künstlern wie Andy Stott, Shackleton, Vatican Shadow oder Voices from the Lake. »»»»

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Summertime Sadness – Jukebox Utopia 2013

diggin summertime sadness! »»»»

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WiseUp! @ Ethnoskop: Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik

(Deutsch) Ethnoskop ist die Radiosendung der Studenten der Europäischen Ethnologie in Innsbruck. Bianca Ludewig, die Redakteurin von WiseUp, und die Ethnoskop-Redaktion haben ein dichtes Radio-Paket geschnürrt und Ludewigs Masterarbeit – “Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik” vertont. »»»»

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WiseUp! 6/2013 – NORIENT

(Deutsch) NORIENT – Network for local and global sounds and media culture – ist ein Verein aus Bern. NORIENT arbeitet interdisziplinär an den Schnittstellen von Musik, Gesellschaft, Journalismus, Wissenschaft und Blog-Kultur. Interview mit den MacherInnen Thomas Burkhalter und Theresa Beyer und natürlich Musik zum Thema. »»»»

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Wiseup! Radio 06/2013 – Melodien für Millionen

Melodien für Millionen (melodies for millions) are a wonderful DJ Team from Graz, Austria. Their name is their task: old Schlager meets 80s hits or odd obscurities in german language. »»»»

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Quantum Physics – Jukebox Utopia 2013

A mix I approached in summer 2013 – this mix is resembling mix sessions from the summer. Since I had difficulties during recording with drop outs, I could not use the original version. Needed a bit to be motivated to rework the records and naturaly its not the same as it was . But about half of it reflects the original effort. This is something for the walkman or sundays chilling at home! »»»»

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Wiseup! Radio 05/2013 – New Music

New hiphop & electronica for your stereo from those and other labels. »»»»

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Wiseup! Radio 05/2013 – Deep Jackin Acid

Deep Jackin’ Acid! Taste some House, Disco, Acid or Cosmic/Italo. And get to know Dyl Boban and Innsbrucks Place 4 Educated Underground Dance Music. »»»»

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WiseUp! 12/2012 Otto von Schirach

Trying to get the old stuff uploaded. So here some fun & noise with Otto von Schirach. »»»»

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WiseUp! 11/2012 Retromania – Lesung Simon Reynolds

(Deutsch) Retromania? Der britische Musikjournalist Simon Reynolds hat die deutsche Ausgabe seines erfolgreichen Popmusik-Buches Retromania in Berlin vorgestellt.

Laut seinem deutschen Verlag Ventil ist Retromania das erste Buch, “das sich mit der Retro-Industrie beschäftigt und fragt, ob wir uns von den Versprechen des Pop Originalität, Innovation und Subversion einfach verabschieden müssen und wie die Zukunft einer Popkultur aussieht, die in einem Kreislauf aus Sampling, Wiederholung und Musealisierung gefangen zu sein scheint?” »»»»

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WiseUp! 10/2012 DJ Marcelle

(Deutsch) Man nennt sie “Female John Peel” und anlässlich ihrer 2. Mix LP habe ich mich mit DJ Marcelle zum Interview getroffen. Freiheit. Das ist die Essenz von Marcelle’s DJ-Stil. Die niederländische Plattenakrobatin beschränkt sich nicht auf eine bestimmte Musikrichtung. Was Marcelle so auszeichnet, ist neben ihrer unfassbaren Kenntnis von Musik (Sie besitzt eine umfangreiche persönliche Sammlung von circa 15.000 Schallplatten und arbeitet live nur mit Vinyl), die Einzigartigkeit ihres Mixes. Sie ist vielseitig und überraschend. Die Zuhörer werden nicht nur unterhalten, sondern sind Teil eines Abenteuers. »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2012 On-U Sound

On-U Sound – lessons in Dub since 1979. Interview with Adrian Sherwood, producer, remixer , and founder of a variety of record labels, however most well-known for his label On-U Sound Records. 2012 he released his solo album Survival and Resistance, and 2015 together with Dubstep producer Pinch the record Late Night Endless. »»»»

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Anticipation – DepecheMode-Mix 2011 #2

So this is the 2nd Depeche-Mode-Mixtape called “Anticipation”. I strongly believe that music you make or mix can anticipate future events, things that we might not know consciously but that are unconsciously already there. The same is true for this mixtape. »»»»

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State of Emergence – DepecheMode Mix-2011 #1

This is a mix of Depeche Mode songs with lots of remixes, live versions and edits recorded from vinyl. Depeche Mode fits well on the cassette format with side a/b dramaturgy.
It was part of the radiobroadcast “30 years of Depeche Mode” I made around christmas 2011 because their first release was in 1981. It featured both of the mixes. Eventhough you can feel the 80s or 90s strongly in their albums, to me their music is pretty ahead of time and I am glad they managed to keep their music sounding like the present tense. »»»»

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WiseUp! 08/2011 South Africa: Spoek Mathambo, Pastor Mbhobho

Here I talk with two very interesting musicians from South Africa: Spoek Mathambo and Pastor Mbhobho. Learn from the Pastor all about the magic of ayobaness and the uplifting spirit of southafrican music. Mathambo and Mbhobho are leading the way to the dancfloor! »»»»

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Jukebox Utopia 2010 – Brave New World

This mix is from 2010 and was one of the few mixes I did for my radioshow, whenever I didnt have time for preparing journalistic content. The mixdown combines releases of that time with stuff from the record collection. »»»»

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Teao of Audiopharmacy – Wise up with Audiopharmacy 2009-10-18

For those who don’t know, the group started back in ’94. Teao and Zygoat made music under the name II Sense (two sense). In ’97, they combined with Defiance and Laxman to form Kaotic Souls, one of the only experimental and conscious hip hop acts in San Jose, Ca. The group eventually grew to the supa huge size of about 30 members… all spirtually connected artists. Finally in 2002, they created the name Audiopharmacy Prescriptions. Now, Kaotic Souls is broken down to subgroups, all of which are in the Audiopharmacy family. Audiopharmacy Prescriptions then became the San Francisco indi label which supports consciousness and community. »»»»

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awol one – Geschichten und Legenden um Rap mit Awol One 2009-09-18

1,000 years old, AWOL One is still shaking the grounds of hip hop. Bursting on the scene from Planet Zero, California, Awolrus’s style has taken him through the murky waters of hip hop. In 1988, AWOL took off on his b-boy journeys influenced by KDAY and breakdance music. Soon after, vinyl became no stranger and the art of DJing lived in his knuckles. AWOL found himself DJing in underground parties and eventually moved up to night clubs. Then in 1995, he opened for Roger and ZAPP on the “Lowrider Magazine” American Tour for Thump Records. »»»»

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WiseUp meets Amanda Blank 2009-08-21

Tracklist (28) 1 a volta nasa feat sizzla & amanda blank anti 2009 2 might like you better Amanda Blank downtown/universal 2009 3 bump Spank Rock + Amanda Blank big dada 2006 4 get fresh instrumental Kid Sister Random Rec. 5 single diplo/mayor lazer mad descent 2009 6 make it take it Amanda Blank downtown/universal Read the full article… »»»»

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Wiseup meets Amigo 2009-07-19

Tracklist (22) 1 marcus garvey Hypnotic Brass Ensemble honest jons records 2009 2 every time Oi Va Voi oi va voi recordings 2009 3 diverse tracks Audiopharmacy audiopharmacy prescriptions 2009 4 another mother herbaliser band k7 2009 5 african problems Seun Kuti tot ou tard 2009 6 soveitoblaster rotfront essay/russendisko 2009 7 emigrantski raggamuffin rotfront Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! trifft Lena Stoehrfaktor 2009-07-17

Tracklist (22) 1 blame it all on the rain Atmosphere re-release rhymesayers 2002/2009 2 next best thing Toki Wright rhymesayers 2009 3 earthshaking Jahdan Blakkamoore golddust 2009 4 come with me Jahdan Blakkamoore golddust 2009 5 same old love song ceschi feat awol one, myka9 & 2mex project mooncicle 2009 6 unterschlupf Nazz deck 8 Read the full article… »»»»

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Dead Prez 2009-06-19

Interview mit Dead Prez & neue Platten Tracklist (32) 1 heaven only knows Kos emi 2001 2 calm down Cotti feat. Doctor bass face 12″ 3 diverse tracks Caspa everybody is talking 4 wassup wassup Diplo mad decent 2009 5 2009 Dub Pistols 6 when i am ere Roll Deep virgin 2005 7 must be Read the full article… »»»»

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Abstract Rude and other by Beaware – WiseUp! Neue Platten 2009-06-19

Neue und alte Platten aus den Hip Hop Universum Tracklist (26) 1 tomorry Abstract Rude rhymesayers 2009 2 sittin on chrome dilla rmx Masta Ace rapster/k7 2009, dillanthology vol.2 3 r3 imagination DJ Vadim bbe 2009, cant lurn imaginatishun 4 nice up da function Mr. Scruff feat. Roots manuva ninja tune 2009, 12″ 5 maximum Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! 2009-05-17 Deichkind

Interview mit Deichkind vom Dezember 2008 in Hamburg. Neue Platten Tracklist (47) 1 mia & santogold nasa feat spank rock whachadoin 2 mad decent 2008 diplo ft rye rye Maxi 3 might like you better Amanda Blank promo ep 2009 4 dead man walking killa instinct feat hundredth monkey naked ape records 2008 5 reality Read the full article… »»»»

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(Deutsch) WiseUp! 2009-05-17 Deichkind Part 2

Interview & Diskographie von Deichkind. Neue Platten! Tracklist (21) 1 voodoo outro/intro 2 wiseup 12’2008 deichkind interview 3 hört ihr die signale Deichkind universal 2008 4 kreuzberg intro Deichkind universal 2008 5 23 dohlen Deichkind universal 2008 6 smog city Deichkind showdown 2000 7 luftbahn Deichkind universal 2008 8 prost Deichkind universal 2008 9 und Read the full article… »»»»

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Absztrakkt, Eprhyme, MICKEY – Graff Queen – WiseUp! Geschichten und Legenden um Rap 2009-05-15

(Deutsch) YIDDISHER HIP HOP aus New York & Rapper ABSZTRAKKT aus Lüdenscheid vom 58 X-MEN Klan. Interviewschnipsel von Writerin MICKEY zu Sexismus im Hip Hop. »»»»

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Beaware – WiseUp! Jahresrückblick 2008 * 09-01-18

Jahresrückblick D-Rap – Interview mit den Flexiblez Tracklist (44) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 Jahresrückblick Deutschrap 3 members of gdr hip hop S.B.-Jay & Sprity K. here we come soundtrack 2007 4 hip hop in der ddr Opossum & B-Side the Norm here we come soundtrack 2007 5 nächste kugel im lauf Sera Finale I Read the full article… »»»»

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Martha Diaz – WiseUp presents the HipHop Association – 2008-11-16

Tracklist (30) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 HIPHOPASSOCIATION ? 3 posdnus, oh really, rhymesayers 2008, white van music jake one feat slug 4 jake one feat mf doom, trap door, rhymesayers 2008 5 apathy, black snow, babygrande 2008, black snow snowgoons feat ill bill 6 snowgoons feat reef the lost cauze, this is where the Read the full article… »»»»

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Maeckes und Plan B – WiseUp! Geschichten und Legenden um Rap – 2008-10-19

Tracklist (39) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 Prinz Pi / Maeckes & Plan B ? 3 part 2: 4 plan b, nicht aufzuhalten, chimperator 2006, als wärs das album Maeckes 5 pb, rap getan, chimperator 2008,!#?@$! DJ Marshel 6 interview maeckes und plan b, wiseup 8’2008 7 savas, krone instrumental, optik 2008 8 plan b, Read the full article… »»»»

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Prinz Pi – WiseUp! Chaosradio – 2008-10-19

Tracklist (23) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 Prinz Pi / Maeckes & Plan B ? 3 1. Artist, 2. Titel, 3. Label, 4. Jahr, 5. Record Title 4 part 1: 5 prinz pi, super seiajin feat dj craft, no peanuts/universal 2008, neopunk 6 prinz pi, kann es sein, no peanuts/universal, 2008 7 interview prinz pi, Read the full article… »»»»

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Ce´cile (Jamaica) – WiseUp – Annual Reggae/Dancehall Special – 2008-10-17

Tracklist (21) 1 19h WEEKLY OPERATION: WISEUP! .., 2 Annual Reggae/Dancehall Special 3 salaam, babylon, vp music 2008, whos world is this? young buck, sizzla & k 4 salaam, vieques psa, vp music 2008, whos world is this? bobito garcia & k 5 salaam, revolution, vp music 2008, whos world is this? anthony b & Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp – We B*Girlz Special #3: Roxanne Shanté – 2008-09-21

Roxanne Shanté, Ph.D. (born Lolita Shanté Gooden, November 9, 1969) is an American hip-hop pioneer. Born and raised in the Queensbridge Projects, Shanté first gained attention through the Roxanne Wars and her association with the Juice Crew. »»»»

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WiseUp – We B*Girlz Special #3: Invincible – 2008-09-21

Tracklist (24) 1 BURNING SUNDAY WISEUP! 2 ROXANNE SHANTÉ Invincible 3 (playlist ist verschollen, deshalb nur ein lückenhaftes gedächtnisprotokoll) 4 part I: 5 stacy Epps, dj mesia live im Cassiopeia 8’2008 bei We B*Girls 6 funky Kool Martina Instrumentals? 7 neeka, heartbeat, four music 2008 8 neeka, halfcast, four music 2008 9 cecile, the truth, Read the full article… »»»»

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Beaware – WiseUp! – We B*Girlz Special #2 – 2008-09-19

Tracklist (20) 1 We B*Girlz Festival ? 2 everlast, kill the emperor, martyr records 2008 3 emmanuel jal, shadow of death, 2008 4 invincible, looongawaited, emergence 2008, we*bgirlzsampler/shapeshifters 5 bahamadia, commonwealth (cheap chicks),goodvibe recordings 2000, maxi 6 karlito, diverse instrumentals 7 eternia, time, 2005, its called life 8 susius, sieht man doch, we b*girlz sampler Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! 02/2008 Rocko Schamoni

Schamoni is a German entertainer, author, musician, club proprietor and member of the comedy ensemble Studio Braun. »»»»

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Kool Savas – WiseUp – Geschichten und Legenden um Rap – 2008-07-20

Tracklist (39) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 KOOL SAVAS ? 3 1. Artist, 2. Titel, 3. Label, 4. Jahr, 5. Record Title 4 sammy deluxe, john bello story, 2005 Kool Savas 5 kool savas, hate/ you dont stop, tapes 1996 6 kool savas, freestyle, optik 2005, john bello 7 savas, ich bin rap, optik records Read the full article… »»»»

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Writing the Memory of the City – Thomas Wiczak

Thomas Wiczak is one of the co-publishers of the book “Writing the Memory of the City”. He was involved in important group actions in Berlin and activities like Jazzstylecorner or the Outsides exhibition. During the work on his book he decided to no longer work on the streets and write his name. His text describes trains of thought instead, no trains of metal. His article describes the cessation as an existential part of writing. »»»»

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Writing The Memory Of The City – Daniel Tagno

(Deutsch) „Die Erkenntnis der Notwendigkeit von Reanimation“ in „Writing The Memory Of The City“ zeigt die Entwicklung und Dualität des Bombers COST und dem Künstler Daniel Tagno. Wenn der wilde Writer COST in Aktion ist, kommt Daniel Tagnos rastloser Geist zur Ruhe. Dennoch entsteht auch Angst, wenn der Writer auf den eher weichen Künstler trifft. Oft haben beide unvereinbar scheinende Wünsche. Deshalb schreibt Tagno einen Liebesbrief an seinen Alter Ego COST. Diese persönliche Perspektive auf einen inneren Konflikt, kann auch stellvertretend für viele Künstler in dem Buch verstanden werden. Weil Tagno eine Brücke vom klassischen Train-Writing zum Kunstbetrieb schlägt, ist er der erste vorgestellte Künstler in dem Buch von Markus Mai und Thomas Wiczak, das Ende letzten Jahres beim Dokument Förlag erschien. »»»»

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WiseUp meets Adams – 2008-07-18

Tracklist (18) 1 WEEKLY OPERATION 2 GRAFF/ADAMS ? 3 m.i.a., jimmy instrumental, xl recordings 2007, 12″ 4 surreal, constantly growing, hiphop is music/syntax records 2008 braille feat speach 5 braille, raise the dead, hiphop is music/syntax records 2008, the IV edition 6 conexion musical, paradies, eigenrelease conexion musical 2008 7 conexion musical, windstill, eigenrelease conexion Read the full article… »»»»

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The Bug – WiseUp! Geschichten und Legenden um Rap – 2008-06-15

Tracklist (43) 1 kay, I have seen rivers, nicolay music 2008, timeline Nicolay 2 kay, the gunshot, nicolay music 2008, timeline Nicolay 3 reggae music you dont quit, dappa records 2008 million dan, hiphop you dont stop 4 million dan, pull up remix, dappa records 2008, spektrum 5 majors, three decades, good child records 2008 Read the full article… »»»»

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Lyrics Born – WiseUp – Geschichten und Legenden um Rap – 2008-05-18

Tracklist (37) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 LYRICS BORN ? 3 Jakob live Berlin Cassiopeia 2008 Creutzfeld 4 r, wild boyz, universal 2003, zwei mann gegen den rest c 5 flipstar, kein schöner land, selfmade 2005, schwarzes gold 6 jakob (flipstar), flipstar, PDNTDR 2000, gottes werk… Creutzfeld 7 r, styles, universal 2003, zwei mann gegen Read the full article… »»»»

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LSD, Creutzfeld & Jacob – WiseUp Geschichten und Legenden um Rap – 2008-05-16

Tracklist (26) 1 WEEKLY OPERATION WISEUP! 2 LSD/Creutzfeld & Jakob ? 3 shantel, disko boy yamaha remix, essay recordings 2008 4 harris, wo ist mein gras, aggro 2008 5 millah, berlin massive 2005, keine stars ep vna, es reicht feat q 6 HBL, requiem, spoken view 2008, herzblut 7 hbl, was nun, spoken view 2008 Read the full article… »»»»

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Skream, Missill – WiseUp – Chaos Radioshow – 2008-04-20

Tracklist (45) 1 SUNDAY NIGHTLINER WISEUP! 2 MISSILL & SKREAM/DARQWAN ? 3 tru thoughts, 2004 freestylers feat Pendulum & SirReal, painkiller, against the grain/missill mixtape 4 PM feat Blurum13 Missill lives the cat, missill mixtape 5 donde do role, gasolina, mad descent/missill mixtape 2004 6 missill, mueve lo feat Yethz, missill mixtape 2004 7 missill, Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp Radioshow – Bahamadia – 2008-04-18

Tracklist (23) 1 WISEUP!@WEEKLY OPERATION 2 BAHAMADIA ? 3 young jeezy, bury me, defjam 2006 4 atmosphere, gurantees, rhymesayers 2008, maxi 5 looptroop, the building, bad taste records 2008, good things 6 atmosphere, shoulda known instrumental, 2008 7 looptroop, stains feat mapel, bad taste records 2008 8 looptroop, living on a prayer,bad taste records 2008 Read the full article… »»»»

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Pete Philly & Perquisite – WiseUp! meets Pete Philly & Perquisite/Tha 4orce – 2008-03-21

Tracklist (27) 1 kenny, meet the chef, project blowed/decon 2008 2 perquiseite, wiseup 2008 interview pete philly 3 perquisite, mystery repeats, unexpected 2007 Pete Philly 4 perquisite, the traveller, unexpected 2007 Pete Philly 5 perquisite, respect, unexpected 2005, mindstate Pete Philly 6 fire, wir sind high, 2008, vom schatten ins licht I: 7 chefket, genmanipuliert, Read the full article… »»»»

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Beaware – WiseUp Radioshow – Jahresrückblick – 2008-02-17

Tracklist (28) 1 Jahresrückblick 2007: Deutschrap ? 2 VNA, riot vs bush, vnamusic/hhv 2007 3 Amar feat Sinan, optik 2007, Cho! 4 kool savas, krank, optik 2007, tod oder lebendig 5 justus, scheine, edit 2007, absolut team avantgarde feat amewu, gris 6 mach one, promblembezirk, 36kingz 2007, das kreuzbergtape vol.1 7 lunafrow,mingdynasty/groove 2007, psychotreibhaus 78 Read the full article… »»»»

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Rocko Schamoni – WiseUp Chaosradio – 2008-02-17

Schamoni is a German entertainer, author, musician, club proprietor and member of the comedy ensemble Studio Braun. »»»»

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KET ONE – WiseUp! Radioshow – Graff Update – 2008-01-18

Tracklist (21) 1 WEEKLY OPERATION WISEUP! 2 KET & Planet Prozess, Graff Update ? 3 James Pants, cosmic rapp, stonesthrow 2007, maxi 4 the bug, stampin feat flowdan, ninja tune 2007, maxi 5 the bug, skeng kode9 remix, ninja tune 2007, cd maxi 6 food for animals, muckrackers2, bomb mitte 2007, album 7 buck 65, Read the full article… »»»»

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Beaware – WiseUp Jahresrückblick 2007 – 2008-01-18

Tracklist (64) 1 Jahresrückblick 2007 WISEUP! 2 intro: sage francis, epitaph, lp 3 black milk, sound the alarm feat guilta simpson, fatbeats, lp 4 mims, cop it, capitol 2007, lp 5 knaan, what is hardcore, wrasse records, live album 6 brother ali, freedom aint free, rhymesayers, maxi 7 atmosphere, dont forget, rhymesayers, bad summer ep Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp 04/2007 DefJux-Label, El-P

Text 2014: Listening to El-P at a Bar last night made me search for the Def-Jux-Special. I was a bit shocked that it is so long ago. Back in 2007 @ FSK freeradio Hamburg the show was sunday night and open-end so we took our time: it was a 4 hour special, joining forces with Nandor of NoTVRaps. So this is a good half of that night shift featuring the El-P interview and defjux discography. In 10/2014 El-P has a new record out: run the jewels 2 with Killer Mike. »»»»

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Busy P – WiseUp! Chaosradio – 2006-12-10

Tracklist (20) 1 WiseUp/Weekly Operation 20.06.2008 2 Unknown 3 santogold remix, blaqstarr, shake it to the ground switch 4 mad descent 2008, 12″ 5 tittsworth, broke ass nigga dj assault remix, plant music 2008, 12″ 6 rqm, luvley remix, mouthwatering records 2008, 12″ 7 spinal scratch, thomas bangalter, 1996 roulé music/daft music, 12″ 8 daft Read the full article… »»»»

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The Fabulous Destiny of Beaware – Mixtape 2004 – SideB

This is a mixtape I made back in 2004 for promotion of my website and radioshow that had – back then – a focus on rap/hiphop in german language. »»»»

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Space Achievement – 1999 – By Jukebox Utopia

Wow this is really oldschool! Made around 1999. I just started doing radio and bttb radioshow was making a radio-mix-contest. Listeners should send in mixes about the theme “the moon”. I was working back then with a little akai-sampler and the mix is stuffed with samples. It features songs related to the moon (directly or in my mind) and artists like Björk, Faithless, Manu Chau or German Artists like Doppelkopf. This was one of the few serious concept mix efforts I ever made. Its perfect for a chill down, a sleepless night, warshipping the power of the moon or some 90s nostalgia. »»»»

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