Unsafe + Sounds Festival, 2nd – 13th of October 2018 Vienna

Unsafe + Sounds
Festival for Adventurous Electronic Music + Arts

 Unsafe+Sounds wants to investigate the interrelatedness of the fundamental changes in our environment and aesthetics, and look for apt noises for our disturbed existence. Under the banner of “Brutal Times”, we gather workers from the musical frontiers to find some medication for this pathological time. We believe these are to be found in the poetics of catharsis and physical affection; in neurotic, transgressive, tender, psychoacoustic, and obscure approaches.


50 artists can be seen in 7 days spread over 10 days in different venues in Vienna. Like Peter Kutin, Peta, Asfast, Thomas Ankersmit, In My Talons, Kyoka, Lucrecia Dalt, Jung an Tagen, Philipp Quehenberger, Alpha Tracks, Nachtbote, Absent Father, Christoph de Babalon,  Kisling & Benzokai, Black Page Orchestra and many more










Check out the programme here:


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