Research projects

In addition to a short sketch of my current research on contemporary avant-garde festivals, you will find other current texts below, which are also listed upfront in the “Publications” section. Also the research on Hardcore Techno is up again. For both research fields there are radio broadcasts, which accompany these topics, they can be found under “Radio” or via Mixcloud.



Over the past couple of decades, urban transmedia festivals have gained a distinct presence in the European cultural landscape, constituting an alternative to other, more dominant conceptions of music festivals. The research introduces transmedia festivals as a new type of contemporary festival and situates them in wider urban processes. Transmedia festivals originated on the fringes of new urban scenes, in which media art was overlapping with electronic music and club culture. Based on multi-year field research, I argue that these festivals have become part of urban renewal processes. A core theoretical focus is therefore how transmedia festivals are part of processes such as eventization, culturalization, precarization or gentrification. Local and EU-funding-policies, moreover, impose opportunities and dilemmas on urban festivals. The article is a contribution to the still small area of literary studies on such festivals in Europe, and situates transmedia festivals within urban cultural change.




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