ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics
Get the Manifesto via Critical Legal Thinking
Academic journal for pop music

Magazin für Gegenwartskunst aus Wien/ Academic journal for contemporary art from Vienna

Academic Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

German-speaking branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music

International Association for the Study of Popular Music and academic journal

GfM, AG Popkultur & Medien
Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft/ AG Pop

Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung aus Wien

Cybernetic Culture Research Unit, archive

New Urban Tourism
Research Group New Urban Tourism (NUT). Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

Netzwerk Prekäres Wissen
Kritisches Netzwerk zu Prekarisierung in der Wissenschaft und Bildungsarbeit

Haus Bartleby
Zentrum für Karriereverweigerung


FESTIVAL RELATED/ Research in progress

CTM Berlin
CTM is an international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, and a diverse range of artistic activities related to sound. Since 1999 it takes place in Berlin cooperatively with the transmediale festival.

Heart of Noise
Innsbrucker Festival, das vor allem musikalische Perspektiven elektronischer und experimenteller Musik der Gegenwart zeigt

HTMlles – Montreal.Canada
feminist technological exploration, creation and critique

ICAS Festival
A festival of festivals – 2015 only

Multiplace – Bratislava.Slovakia
Festival for Postdigital Survivors

Forum for Digital Arts Frankfurt a.M.

Elevate Festival
Unique combination of critical poltical discourse, activism and contemporary music. Annual Festival in Graz, Austria since 2005. End of October, changing in 2017 to March.

Next Festival
Founded 2000 in Bratislava, the NEXT Festival of advanced music is an annual celebration of exploratory music and sound art: from electronic experimentation and free­form improvisation to audio­visual projects, it brings together artists who push the boundaries of music. Annual, end of November.

Atonal Festival
Contemporary electronic music & visual arts festival in Berlin. Started 1982-1990 and was reanimated in 2013. Annual, August.

Ars Electronica Festival
Festival for art, technology, society. Since 1979 in Linz, Austria.

Unsafe and Sounds Festival
Experimental music and arts festival in Vienna, Austria since 2014.

Avantgarde Festival for experimental music & performance: redefining arts. Krems, Austria since 1988 and reinvented in 2005, and continuing with a new curator in 2017.

Maerz Musik
Festival for time issues, is a festival of the Berliner Festspiele. It started as the Berlin Music-Biennale in 1967 and was reinvented in 2002 as a festival for new music, which presented new music but also experimental, electronic and new media approaches. In 2014 it was reformulated by a new curator who wants to merge music, art, theory and reflexion under the perspective of time.

Norberg Festival
Festival for electronic music and sound art around Norberg, Sweden in an abondend mining area since 2001.

Rokolectiv Festival
Festival for electronic music and related arts. Bukarest, Romania since 2005. Annual, end of April.

Unsound Festival
Festival for electronic and experimental music. Krakow, Poland since 2003. Annual, middle/ end of October.

L.E.V. Festival
Laboratory for electronic music and visual art. Gijon, Spain since 2007.

Sonic Acts Festival
Festival for noise music with a focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, technology, music and science. Amsterdam, Holland since 1994. Biennal, end of february.

MIRA Festival
Digital arts festival focused on the intersection between electronic music and live visuals. Barcelona Spain, since 2011. In 2016 they started a second edition in Berlin.

Heroines of Sound Festival
Berlin based Festival presenting female pioneers and women of the current electronic music scene, crossing bridges between genres.

3hd Festival
Festival for music, performance, and contemporary art based in Berlin. Asking questions about politics, community, economic uncertainty, and communication.

Seanaps Festival
No human is an island. Music, art, ideas. New Festival based in Leipzig (September). Ongoing Blogchain Experiment.

Cynetart Festival
International festival for transmedia art & projects: “Enlightenment for the nerd”. Computerbased art, dance and music festival in Dresden, happens annualy in November since 1999.

Fast Forward Festival/ Plan C Blog
UK Festival based in Derbyshire (September), blog and cluster for activism

Our monthly roundtable in Berlin for female and female identified artists in the fields of music, club culture, visual arts, tech or cultural work like journalism, organizing, curating, booking, promoting etc.
Female:Pressure is an international network of female artists, cultural workers and researchers in electronic music and club music. Join the network!

Ladyz in Noyz initative – an ongoing series celebrating international female experimental/fringe/noise/sound artists/musicians, aiming to increase gender diversity & visibility within music.

Shituationist Institut
Contemporary dance music, art and critical theory

Echo Books
Book store & space for contemporary music, sound and club culture. Books, records, magazines, sound objects & events, in Berlin Wedding.

Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet. Since 2009.

Tape Mag
Huge searchable database of cassette-culture/DIY and related material 1950s—1990s.

Zweikommasieben Magazin
Magazin aus der Schweiz für die Dokumentation experimentelle Musik und Club Sounds der Gegenwart
Database, archive and marketingplace for music on Vinyl, CD, Cassestte, MP3 and more. The place to be for music nerds. Here you can wise up!

The Wire Mag
Independent, monthly music magazine & blog covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics.
British music and culture magazine. Some say its one of the best.
British music & pop culture webzine.
Journal für Musik. Since 1990 quality made in Vienna.
Online Mag, Blog & Network for local and global sounds from Bern, Switzerland.

Resonances and Transitions
Blog von Shilla Strelka, experimentelle Musik, Club Culture und Performance.

DJ Taniths Blog
Wirklich lesenswert für Themen rund um Berlin und elektronische Musik!

EchoEcho Bücher
Books, magazines & vinyl with focus on electronic music. In Wedding Berlin. A real discovery for musiclovers!

Netlabel für freie elektronische Musik
Anattitude Magazine presents contemporary female Hip Hop activities in all classic genres: DJing, graffiti, rap, b-girling but also female Hip Hop history, fashion, photography and film. Kool mag by Jee from Frankfurt; get your copy!

Hamburgs place for vinyl lovers. Mailorder with shop “Freiheit und Roosen” in St. Pauli. Crazy!
HipHopVinyl Berlin. Huge mailorder and record shop in Friedrichshain.
Mail order & record store for electronic music in Berlin – with 2 outlets @ Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuz-Kölln.
Homage to classic female hip hop. Blog, community, videos, music. Get your account!
Hip Hop education centre & network. Empowerment through the use of media, technology & resources. Established 2002 by Martha Diaz.
The international Beatbox communtiy based in Berlin: your beatboxing network. Get connected!

Dedicated to outfitting graffiti artists and a ctivists with open source tools for urban communication.

Possible Books
Small publishing house founded on a love for books based in Berlin. Treating books as a vessel of sensual and subtle experiences.
Archiv for New York Graffiti.
exhibitions & artists with a special approach on graff & urban art by Jürgen Große. Berlin and beyond
Friends of Street-Art Berlin. Dates & Info for Urban Art/ Graff. From and for the Subculture!
Archive of Köln/Düsseldorf based Graff Mag.
Aerosol Culture Magazine from Poland. Now a Gallery Space dedicated to Graff.
Nonstop Culture Magazin – Graffiti Mag from Bern Switzerland. Print and Online Magazin for Graff & more.
From Berlin for Graff-nerds, selected projects. The museum is the city!
With the destruction of the Senatsreservenspeicher artitude Kunstverein is put on hold. Still this archive is worth a visit while waiting for new things to come.
Supalife Kiosk Berlin – Graff & Urban Art Stuff. Poster, books, magazines and unique crafted originals.
Under Pressure HipHop Store – Hamburgs top adress for Cans, Vinyl, Vintage, Swag and more @ Schanzenviertel.
“A celebration of ephemeral art” @ USA since 2001.
Martha Coopers blog on women & photography – just kool!
Popular globaly – but still dope!


Pi Radio Berlin
The Berlin based radio station Pi Radio is transmitting via 88,4 frequency on wednesdays and thursdays 19pm-6am. Pi radio is a project of Radiopiloten, quality since 2001.

Radio Freirad Innsbruck
Free Radio Innsbruck Austria. Plattform für regionalbezogene Kunst- und Kulturschaffende.

Ethnoskop Radio
Sendereihe von Studierenden und Alumni der Europäischen Ethnologie in Innsbruck, sendet auf Freirad.
Club online radio from Vienna, Austria. Lots of DJ-Sets and Radioshows!

Cultural Broadcasting Archive
Archiv der Freien Radios in Österreich. Hier tauschen die Radios Beiträge und stellen sie frei zum Download zur Verfügung.
Freies Sender Kombinat – freies Radio aus Hamburg online.
Experimentelle Radio an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Art Collective based in Linz, Austria.

nsu watch
Unabhängige Beobachtungsstelle des NSU Prozesses, erstellt Protokolle der Prozesstage auf Deutsch und Türkisch, die hier nachzulesen sind. NSU-Watch ist ein Bündnis aus Gruppen und Einzelpersonen aus dem ganzen Bundesgebiet, die hier ihr Wissen – auch über den Prozess hinaus bündeln und vermitteln.

Pro Quote Regie
Zusammenschluss von Frauen im Filmbereich für mehr Diversität im Film: 85% aller Filme werden von Männern gemacht.
Initiative gegen Gentrifizierung und die neoliberale Stadt. Die Stadt gehört allen!
Videologische Plattform. Motto: Best television is no television! Noncommercial Media Project from Hamburg, Germany.
Blog of a collegue on tech & journalism.
Seite des Chaos Computer Club, immer einen Besuch wert!
Diaspora* is an alternative to facebook. Diaspora* doesn’t use your data for any purpose other than allowing you to connect and share with others. Diaspora* is completely decentralized. You can be as public or as private as you like. You’re in control.
Peace Brigades International. Menschenrechtsschutz – Schutzbegleitung. Making space for peace!