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Der Soundride als Format der Ermächtigung (2023). In: Soundrides Reader, Conny Zenk (Hg.), Wien.

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The Sonic Experience of Experimental Electronics (2022). In: Keep it Simple, Make it Fast! An approach to underground music scenes (vol. 5). P. Guerra, S. Sousa (eds.), Universidade do Porto – Faculdade de Letras, Porto, pp. 181-190: https://ler.letras.up.pt/uploads/ficheiros/19275.pdf


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Transmedia Festivals and the Accelerated Cultural Sector. In: IASPM Journal Vol 9, No 1 (2019) Pop Music Festivals and (Cultural) Policies. Beate Flath, Adam Behr and Martin Cloonan (Ed.), open access online journal, p.73-88.

Researching Popular Music Through Transmedia Festivals. In: Medić, Ivana & Dumnić, Marija (Hg.) Contemporary Popular Music Studies. Proceedings of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference 2017, Volume 2. Wiesbaden: Springer 2019, p.251-257.


With José Galvez: “Popular Music and Power. Sonic Materiality between Cultural Studies and Music Analyses”, Conference Review (2017). In: IASPM Journal, Vol 7, No 1, p.142-146.


NSK State as Heterotopia and Popular Culture, in: Alexei Monroe (Hg.), State of Emergence – A Documentary of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress, London: Plöttner Verlag, 35–44 (PDF)