Takeover Street Art & Skateboarding @ Wien Museum July 5th-September 1st 2019

The exhibition “Takeover” on skateboarding and street art opened yesterday with the vernissage at the “old” Wien Museum on Vienna’s Karlsplatz. The exhibition is a kind of temporary use before the Wien Museum is rebuilt and enlarged. The exhibition on “Red Vienna” and staff have already moved to Felderstraße 6-8 in the 1st district. Yesterday Read the full article… »»»»

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Bookrelease The Death of Graffiti 20.11.2017 @ Wendel Berlin

The Death of Graffiti is finally out on Possible Books, and celebrated with a panel-discussion at Bar Wendel, Schlesische Str. 42, Berlin Kreuzberg: With texts by David Alexander, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad, Thomas Bratzke, BROM, CLINT 176, Paul Vector Codierer, Christian Driesen, Paul Luis Fechter, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Allan Gretzki, Frank Hartmann, HIDDEN INDEXES, Ilaria Hoppe, ID33, Read the full article… »»»»

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Bookrelease: The Death of Graffiti, Possible Books

For everyone who seeks to find out about graffiti practices and its entanglements with the social, the economic, the arts and society at large. 33 Activists, Scientists and Practitioners discuss, analyse or reflect on the 50 year history of graffiti as a social and asthetical phenomenon of the present. The Death of Graffiti is finally Read the full article… »»»»

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Opening Urban Nation Street Art Museum, Berlin 16.-17.9.2017

An impossible museum becomes reality, and let’s just hope the art will be better than the promotional text on their website, which is full of neoliberal vocabulary. As in their main slogan  “Connect. Create. Care.” More of those commercial buzzwords are to be found allover their homepage: “The vision of a global art community, a Read the full article… »»»»

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Conference: TAG – name writing in public space 14.-15.09.2017, Berlin

A conference about tagging, in history and today Freie Universität Berlin, GSNAS/JFKI Lansstrasse 7-9, Berlin Written signatures, or tags, are the central element of graffiti culture, and the most widely practiced form of public art. Yet tagging has rarely been the subject of serious examination. The Tag Conference is a first attempt to conceptually frame Read the full article… »»»»

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Writing the Memory of the City – Thomas Wiczak

Thomas Wiczak is one of the co-publishers of the book “Writing the Memory of the City”. He was involved in important group actions in Berlin and activities like Jazzstylecorner or the Outsides exhibition. During the work on his book he decided to no longer work on the streets and write his name. His text describes trains of thought instead, no trains of metal. His article describes the cessation as an existential part of writing. »»»»

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Writing The Memory Of The City – Daniel Tagno

(Deutsch) „Die Erkenntnis der Notwendigkeit von Reanimation“ in „Writing The Memory Of The City“ zeigt die Entwicklung und Dualität des Bombers COST und dem Künstler Daniel Tagno. Wenn der wilde Writer COST in Aktion ist, kommt Daniel Tagnos rastloser Geist zur Ruhe. Dennoch entsteht auch Angst, wenn der Writer auf den eher weichen Künstler trifft. Oft haben beide unvereinbar scheinende Wünsche. Deshalb schreibt Tagno einen Liebesbrief an seinen Alter Ego COST. Diese persönliche Perspektive auf einen inneren Konflikt, kann auch stellvertretend für viele Künstler in dem Buch verstanden werden. Weil Tagno eine Brücke vom klassischen Train-Writing zum Kunstbetrieb schlägt, ist er der erste vorgestellte Künstler in dem Buch von Markus Mai und Thomas Wiczak, das Ende letzten Jahres beim Dokument Förlag erschien. »»»»

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