Soundsystem Culture Berlin: Presentation & DJ Set @ Mensch Meier, 19th of April 2019

Wonderful Sound System Culture Berlin is a not-for-profit organization based in Berlin. Soundsystem Culture Berlin are working to create a participatory arts and social space around the theme of sound system culture, which will take place on the 19th of April 2019 in Berlin.

I will give a presentation on Sound System Culture and the Berlin Fuckparade and will spin a very eclectic dj-set that emcompasses diverse hardcore styles and experimental sounds.


Sound system culture is used by the project to describe the historical and contemporary cultural currents that give shape to the grass-roots dance music scenes that also function as social movements. These socially engaged movements are important because they are very often the motors of information exchange, skill sharing, community building, democratic reform, innovation and creativity.

After a year of research and organizing the final event of the project will happen under the titel “Radical Roots of Rave” celebrating a night of diversity, multiple music genres, photo-exhibitions, live-performances, workshops, talks and beautiful sounds.

With Chantal (cyberrise), Dj.Pult (do not dance), DJ Zhao, Feli Concat, Gretchen Bazooka, Hägen Daz, Jahminta Zulu, Jah Forcefield, Mila Chiral,
One Woman Army in Dub, Pmp Mzk (Harlekinsound), Spiriel, Aporia Barrage and more.

More infos on the event and sound system history:

facebook event


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