A dance performance by Gloria Höckner

In September the dance piece Futurecore 2000 by the Viennese choreographer Gloria Höckner, who lives in Hamburg, can be seen at Kraftwerk Bille. On Friday we will talk about our perspectives on Hardcore Techno. Dates, see below. Here some excerpts of the info text:

“Inspired by the practice of rave, which appropriates abandoned places of the past like old factory halls and utopically charges them with music, the dance performance “Futurecore 2000 – All Beats Are Beautiful” transforms the 1,955 m² boiler hall of the disused “Kraftwerk Bille” into a place of post-humanist fictions. The piece is a choreographic examination of apocalyptic and utopian visions of the future within technoid music cultures and the posthumanistic perspectives on the body contained therein. The performers Marc Carrera, Gloria Höckner and Su Jin Kim as well as the sound artist Zoë McPherson enter the acoustic worlds of hardcore techno. In “Futurecore 2000 – All Beats Are Beautiful” they become laboratories for new sensory spaces. In the huge boiler hall of the old power plant, the audience wanders through scenarios in which human and non-human elements merge into ever new forms, creating fictitious worlds or their apocalyptic ends. We regard the currently reviving genre of hardcore techno as a musically embodied apocalyptic motif and search for new ways of relating to utopian sonifications of the body.”

Concept, choreography: Gloria Höckner / Tanz: Marc Carrera, Gloria Höckner, Su Jin Kim / music: Zoë McPherson / dramaturgy: Carolin Jüngst /stage: Marc Einsiedel, Felix Jung („wearevisual“) / light: Marek Lamprecht, Björn Salzer / costume: Gloria Brillowska  / production: Bastian Sistig / sound: Robert Prior / photo & video: Jonas Fischer

K r a f t w e r k  B i l l e  |  B u l l e r d e i c h  1 4 b  |  2 0 5 3 7  H a m b u r g
Meeting point: In the control centre, start after sunset

Premiere:  7 . 0 9 . 2 0 1 9  |  2 0 : 0 0  U h r

08.9. | 20:00 Uhr
12.9. | 19:30 Uhr
13.9. | 19:30 Uhr + discussion after the performance with Gloria Höckner and Bianca Ludewig + presentation of the book “Utopia and Apocalypse in Pop Music”,
Special Guests: Istari Lasterfahrer/ Sozialistischer Plattenbau and Pelle/ Nordcore
14.9. | 19:30 Uhr + “Hallöchen” with Birthdaypartys after the performance 

Tickets: 12 € / 8 € at boxoffice, Schaltzentrale (opens 1 hour before)
Further informationen via homepage: futurecore.de

The 2nd edition of my book has just been published, I will have some freshly printed copies with me…

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