Lecture at the symposium ‘Reclaim! Club Nights, Housing Struggle and Urban Open Spaces’ – June 28th 2023, Linz @ STWST

I am happy to be part of the symposium Reclaim! Clubnächte, Häuserkampf und urbane Freiräume. Organized by Moritz Pisk, Lukas Jakob Löcker and the great Mika Egal.

Wed, June 28, 2023, starting at 5pm Stadtwerkstatt Donaulände and STWS.

Lectures with:

Eugenia Seriakov: No Future on the Dancefloor – Free Tekno as Antithesis to Club Culture.
A critical treatise on the Free Tekno scene in German-speaking countries, especially in Berlin & Dresden, and its inherent contradictions. To what extent does Free Tekno provide an alternative to a growing club culture? Who has access? And how sustainable is the concept of “free party for free people” really?

Bianca Ludewig: Sound and Club Cultures between impotence and empowerment
A review of club culture since the millennium and the techno subject

Chrislane Barros omfim da Silva: Club Culture from a black feminist perspective
Sharing experiences about the hurdles of the club scene (cultural appropriation, exclusion and lack of resources), and the importance of safe spaces, reappropriation and empowerment.

Musical Intermezzo


VELODROME: RAD Performance // Conny Zenk

As VELODROME electronic music rotates and circles the audience. The bicycle is vehicle, instrument and actor at the same time. VELODROME explores electronic and experimental music in terms of speed, tempo and movement, creating a multi-channel sound experience.

from 21:30, Stadtwerkstatt

DJ lineup with speakers, exhibition, performance and screening, with:

Lotte Beisenherz, Liza Belkevich, Sophie Buchner, Leyla Dehring, Gudrun Franz, Lukas Greiderer, Marlene Grinner, Nathan Grinzinger, Lena Haslinger, Anna Häupl, Robert Hinta, Maximilian Niederer, Thomas Obristhofer, Liza Rashica, Valentina Ritt, Lotta Röll, Marina Weinzierl, Janice Wette, Gero, Nora Zeiner, ronit, Bastian Lehner, Catrin Manoli aka Cooky, Sarah Praschak, Florian Winkler

Projects from the seminar “Sound II – Sound & Design”
Gerald Wöss – “fragile
Florian Winkler – “shards
Bastian Lehner – “disruptive recordings
Sarah Mo Praschak – “drift” & “burning down this concrete land
Cochlea – “obduction”

The symposium takes place as a cooperation of Kunstuniversität Linz and STWST.

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