Interview with Viennese Duo EsRap online at Music Austria

“Tschuschistan is everywhere where the diaspora is at home” – says ESRAP in mica (Music Austria) interview

After a felt eternity, countless appearances, several mixtapes and digital releases, the debut album “Tschuschistan” (Springstoff) by ESRAP was released on 28 June 2019. The siblings ESRA and ENES ÖZMEN break as a duo not only with gender stereotypes, because she raps and he sings. At the same time they also create realworld utopias such as Tschuschistan, a place where everyone is welcome. The release concert took place at Yppenplatz in Ottakring, a district of Vienna with a high proportion of immigrant residents and revealed a Tschuschistan that builds on the lived experience of diverse groups of Vienna citizens coming together and it celebrated exactly this circumstance. It was probably the concert with the most diverse audience Vienna has seen for a while. The duo explained in a conversation with Bianca Ludewig how this came about.

Here you can read the full interview at Music Austria, including lots of EsRap Videos.

ESRAP (c) Daniel Shaked

18. Juli 2019 23:59 “Da Boss” with Gasmac Gilmore via Youtube (Video-Release)
27. Juli 2019, ESRAP live, Popfest Wien

6.9. 2019, ESRAP live, Szene Wien, Wien
7.9. 2019, ESRAP live, Fuzzstock Festival, Wolfsberg

Esrap (Website)
Esrap (Facebook)
Esrap (Instagram)

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