Publication online, Keep it Simple – Make it Fast // The sonic experience of experimental electronics

The proceedings of last years KISMIF (Keep it Simple – Make it Fast) conference are now online here

The virtual book was editied by Paula Guerra and Sofia Sousa.

The topic for 2021 was DIY Cultures and Global Challenges but only some of the inputs dealt with this topic, most related to the over all theme of underground music scenes.

My input on The Sonic Experience of Experimental Electronics is available for download alongside many other great texts on Pop music, subcultures and underground scenes worldwide.


sonic experience experimental_BLudewig


Last years KISMIF (Keep it Simple – Make it Fast) conference, annually held in Porto, Portugal, was a bit disappointing, with everything closing at 22pm due to the Corona pandemic and almost none of the scheduled concert program of the conference could happen. But the city of Porto and the Atlantic were definately worth the visit. Only a few people were participating live in Porto (even most of the people from Portugal participated only online). We were only a handful of people switiching between numerous empty seminar rooms, attended only by the technicians or hosts watching the screens. Most of the video/ audio quality was poor and it was hard to follow the inputs.

That is why I am very happy that the publication is out now and available for everybody to read and enjoy!


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