Exhibition Transmedia Festivals running until 31st of May 2022 @ echoraum Vienna

The accompanying photo exhibition to the April event Transmedia Festivals – Between Experiment and Economisation, Reverberation #1 can be seen until the end of May during the opening hours of the echoraum.

“Ars Electronica, Hyperreality, Heart of Noise, CTM Festival, Berlin Atonal or Ultrahang… These are some names of events that Bianca Ludewig examines in her research project. Her interest focuses on political, social or cultural dimensions; and more particular the interweaving of artistic and economic aspects at these festivals, that present electronic and experimental music together with other art forms”.

Dean Blunt, Wiener Festwochen/ Hyperreality 2018.

Three photo collages are on view, each consisting of about 80 images, that roughly arrange the images into the realms of Concerts & Performances// Exhibitions & Installations // Discourse/ Places. These collages resemble the photo section of my PhD thesis, 14 pictures from this selection are enlarged and can be seen as A1 posters in the foyer and concert room.

Anita Ackerman, what we see – sees us, installation. CTM Festival 2015, Berlin

Photography: Bianca Ludewig

Layout Collages: Parmon

Layout A1 Poster: Martina Moro

poster exhibitions-installations

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