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Corona Files auf im Rahmen des Shift Projekt am 12.&13.7.2020  ist das experimentelle Radio an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar | UKW 106.6 MHz Das Radioprojekt sendet vom Montag 6. Juli bis Montag 13. Juli im Rahmen von Hier die Termine meiner Corona Mixe: Corona Files #1 am: 12.7. – 20 Uhr bis 21 Uhr Corona Files #2 am: 13.7. – 19 Uhr bis Read the full article… »»»»

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Buchpräsentation „Utopie und Apokalypse…“ @ Provitreff Zürich, 14.6.2019

Remote CTRL & Reclaim The Core haben mich für eine Buchpräsentation von „Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik. Gabber und Breakcore in Berlin“ nach Zürich eingeladen. „Es ist eine der wenigen Untersuchungen mit wissenschaftlichem Anspruch über unsere kleine Subkultur und wir freuen uns sehr auf Ihren Vortrag vor dem Rave!“ (fb-event) Um 20Uhr wird es Read the full article… »»»»

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Soundsystem Culture Berlin: Presentation & DJ Set @ Mensch Meier, 19.4. 2019

Sound System Culture Berlin ist eine Berliner Non-Profit-Organisation. Im Vordergrund ihrer Arbeit am Project Sound System Culture stehen partizipatorische Kunst und Kultur und der soziale Raum, den Sound System Culture erschafft. Das Projekt hat im Laufe des letzten halben Jahres zwei Events zum Thema veranstaltet und einiges an Informationen auf ihrem Blog zusammengetragen. Das Ganze Read the full article… »»»»

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Farewell-2016-Mix by Jukebox Utopia

End of the year mixdown! Getting the past out of the system with music. Playing tracks by M.I.A., Schwabingrad Ballet, Leonard Cohen, Ennio Morricone, John Lennon and more. Recorded at AU Vienna. Thank you! »»»»

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Entdramatisierung // Sommermix Pi Radio 2016

The mix is exploring anticipation and (Ent-)Dramatisierung. Emotional tension and release. It ultimately asks: What makes you shine? »»»»

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We Love Surveillance – Mix By Jukebox Utopia »»»»

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Live at Rhiz Vienna, Salon Skug 10/2014 By Jukebox Utopia

This is a set recorded in Vienna @ the extended Salon Skug – a party for the 100th issue of the austrian music magazine. The second half is together with Shilla Strelka, another author of this fine magazine. »»»»

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Whats Your Style? Jukebox Utopia 2014

It was about time for a new mix. So here is one I made for the pi radio summerbreak. Hard to say whats the style or tag for this mix. It is influended by my research into experimental-electronic-music. This is my first mix made with digital files – odd feeling for sure. None the less you can hear dope music. Reconstructing the playlist was even harder – its not complete.

Headphones recommended. »»»»

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HipHop and Her Friends Mix – Jukebox Utopia 2013


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Summertime Sadness – Jukebox Utopia 2013

diggin summertime sadness! »»»»

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Quantum Physics – Jukebox Utopia 2013

A mix I approached in summer 2013 – this mix is resembling mix sessions from the summer. Since I had difficulties during recording with drop outs, I could not use the original version. Needed a bit to be motivated to rework the records and naturaly its not the same as it was . But about half of it reflects the original effort. This is something for the walkman or sundays chilling at home! »»»»

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Anticipation – DepecheMode-Mix 2011 #2

So this is the 2nd Depeche-Mode-Mixtape called „Anticipation“. I strongly believe that music you make or mix can anticipate future events, things that we might not know consciously but that are unconsciously already there. The same is true for this mixtape. »»»»

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State of Emergence – DepecheMode Mix-2011 #1

This is a mix of Depeche Mode songs with lots of remixes, live versions and edits recorded from vinyl. Depeche Mode fits well on the cassette format with side a/b dramaturgy.
It was part of the radiobroadcast „30 years of Depeche Mode“ I made around christmas 2011 because their first release was in 1981. It featured both of the mixes. Eventhough you can feel the 80s or 90s strongly in their albums, to me their music is pretty ahead of time and I am glad they managed to keep their music sounding like the present tense. »»»»

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Jukebox Utopia 2010 – Brave New World (Mix)

This mix is from 2010 and was one of the few mixes I did for my radioshow, whenever I didnt have time for preparing journalistic content. The mixdown combines releases of that time with stuff from the record collection. »»»»

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The Fabulous Destiny of Beaware – Mixtape 2004 – SideB

This is a mixtape I made back in 2004 for promotion of my website and radioshow that had – back then – a focus on rap/hiphop in german language. »»»»

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Space Achievement – 1999 – By Jukebox Utopia

Wow this is really oldschool! Made around 1999. I just started doing radio and bttb radioshow was making a radio-mix-contest. Listeners should send in mixes about the theme „the moon“. I was working back then with a little akai-sampler and the mix is stuffed with samples. It features songs related to the moon (directly or in my mind) and artists like Björk, Faithless, Manu Chau or German Artists like Doppelkopf. This was one of the few serious concept mix efforts I ever made. Its perfect for a chill down, a sleepless night, warshipping the power of the moon or some 90s nostalgia. »»»»

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