Farewell-2016-Mix by Jukebox Utopia

End of the year mixdown! Getting the past out of the system with music. Playing tracks by M.I.A., Schwabingrad Ballet, Leonard Cohen, Ennio Morricone, John Lennon and more. Recorded at AU Vienna. Thank you! »»»»

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Entdramatisierung // Sommermix Pi Radio 2016

The mix is exploring anticipation and (Ent-)Dramatisierung. Emotional tension and release. It ultimately asks: What makes you shine? »»»»

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Whats Your Style? Jukebox Utopia 2014

It was about time for a new mix. So here is one I made for the pi radio summerbreak. Hard to say whats the style or tag for this mix. It is influended by my research into experimental-electronic-music. This is my first mix made with digital files – odd feeling for sure. None the less you can hear dope music. Reconstructing the playlist was even harder – its not complete.

Headphones recommended. »»»»

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WiseUp! @ Ethnoskop: Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik

Ethnoskop ist die Radiosendung der Studenten der Europäischen Ethnologie in Innsbruck. Bianca Ludewig, die Redakteurin von WiseUp, und die Ethnoskop-Redaktion haben ein dichtes Radio-Paket geschnürrt und Ludewigs Masterarbeit – „Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik“ vertont. »»»»

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Quantum Physics – Jukebox Utopia 2013

A mix I approached in summer 2013 – this mix is resembling mix sessions from the summer. Since I had difficulties during recording with drop outs, I could not use the original version. Needed a bit to be motivated to rework the records and naturaly its not the same as it was . But about half of it reflects the original effort. This is something for the walkman or sundays chilling at home! »»»»

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Jukebox Utopia 2010 – Brave New World (Mix)

This mix is from 2010 and was one of the few mixes I did for my radioshow, whenever I didnt have time for preparing journalistic content. The mixdown combines releases of that time with stuff from the record collection. »»»»

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Rocko Schamoni – WiseUp Chaosradio – 2008-02-17

Schamoni ist ein deutscher Entertainer, Musiker, Autor, Schauspieler, Clubbetreiber, festes Mitglied des Komik-Ensembles Studio Braun und Mitglied der Partei Die PARTEI. Das Interview fand 2008 anlässlich des Albumrelease „Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine“ statt. Ein schönes Interview und guter Einblick in Schamonis musikalisches Schaffen. Diese Wiederholung ermöglicht cross-listening-artig einen Brückenschlag zur Sendung nächste Woche mit Jaques Palminger. »»»»

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The Fabulous Destiny of Beaware – Mixtape 2004 – SideB

This is a mixtape I made back in 2004 for promotion of my website and radioshow that had – back then – a focus on rap/hiphop in german language. »»»»

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