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Conny Plank – The Potential of Noise: Filmstart September/ Oktober 2017, Review

Nur zufällig habe ich mitbekommen, dass der Film gerade im Kino läuft. Mir war gar nicht klar, wieviele Platten ich habe, die von Conny Plank produziert wurden und dass er einer der Gründe ist, warum sie so eine besondere Atmosphäre, zukunftsweisende Soundästhetik sowie etwas zeitloses haben. Erstaunlich ist auch aus Perpektive einer Popmusik Forscherin, dass Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! 04/2016 Subculture Berlin 80: Mark Reeder & K7

WiseUpRadio is focusing this time on Berlins Subculture of the 1980s. This was an evening in Berlin with rare videos of concerts in West-Berlin which Horst Weidenmüller, now head of !K7 Records, was filming in the 80s featuring bands like Neubauten, Malaria or Nick Cave. These videos capture „the nervous energy of Berlin’s subculture of the 1980s“. Wiseup sat down for an interview with Weidenmüller and Mark Reeder who edited the material & organized the screening. This is accompanied with music of the artists featured in the footage. »»»»

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State of Emergence – DepecheMode Mix-2011 #1

This is a mix of Depeche Mode songs with lots of remixes, live versions and edits recorded from vinyl. Depeche Mode fits well on the cassette format with side a/b dramaturgy.
It was part of the radiobroadcast „30 years of Depeche Mode“ I made around christmas 2011 because their first release was in 1981. It featured both of the mixes. Eventhough you can feel the 80s or 90s strongly in their albums, to me their music is pretty ahead of time and I am glad they managed to keep their music sounding like the present tense. »»»»

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