Sammelband „New Age of Electronic Dance Music and Club Culture“ Out Now!

Dieser Eintrag ist nur in englischer Sprache vorhanden, so wie die Publikation.

I am happy to announce that „our“ collective volume edited by Anita Jóri and Martin Lücke has been published. For everybody, but especially for them it was a long way to go. The book was published with Springer what I am not too happy about as authors loose most, if not all of their copyrights and the books are terribly expensive, digital purchases as well – this one is  72/88€ btw.

So ask your friends who work or study at universities to get it/ download from the library. Of course the content is worth the effort. You can find an overview of the chapters and abstracts here at Springer

My article on „The Berlin Techno Myth and Issues of Diversity“ can be downloaded below and raises themes that I noticed within club culture that seem crucial to me. I wish to thank Tristan Bath for the help with the copy-editing of my english text, as english is not my native language. And as well Aiko Okamoto and everybody who is part of female:pressure!


I don’t post the cover here as it is obviously a standardised cover picture for the series „Music Business Research„. And it shows part of a violine and some notation /musical score. That is evidently very confusing for a book about electronic music. And for music business investigation maybe as well. The whole scenario overall does not look very appealing to me. If I would pay 88€ for a book it should also look kool, thats for sure. There is a whole art about how to print, design, make books. But I am drifting off topic…Here is the publishers teaser:

„This book offers a comprehensive overview of electronic dance music (EDM) and club culture. To do so, it interlinks a broad range of disciplines, revealing their (at times vastly) differing standpoints on the same subject. Scholars from such diverse fields as cultural studies, economics, linguistics, media studies, musicology, philosophy, and sociology share their perspectives. In addition, the book features articles by practitioners who have been active on the EDM scene for many years and discuss issues like gender and diversity problems in general, and the effects of gentrification on club culture in Berlin. Although the book’s main focus is on Berlin, one of the key centers of EDM and club culture, its findings can also be applied to other hotspots. Though primarily intended for researchers and students, the book will benefit all readers interested in obtaining an interdisciplinary overview of research on electronic dance music.“


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