WiseUp 03/2017 Sonic Borders

Guillermo Galindo’s interpretation of concepts such as musical form, time perception, music notation, sonic archetypes and his original use of sonic devices span a wide spectrum of output. By appropriating concepts from a variety of disciplines and traditions such as anthropology, electroacoustic music or Jungian psychology – the mexican composer, inventor and performance artist offers a new approach towards pressing issues like migration. Through the creation of sound objects he explores violence and exodus in the contemporary, the desolate landscape of migration – in particular as it exists between Mexico and United States.
This show features excerpts of Galindos Talk and concert at CTM Festival 2017; it is framed by artists who also played and talked at the CTM festival like Tanya Tagaq or Elysia Crampton. They are joined by exciting artists from Europe, like Uj Bala from Hungary & Benzokai from Estonia, both were released on the czech Baba Vanga label or DJ Loser of Samatape.


1 the ways by Allred & Broderick
2 Fire by Tanya Tagaq & Mike Patton
3 The isle of Arran by Loyle Carner
4 Lake by Elysia Crampton
5 American Drift by Elysa Crampton & Money Allah
6 Guillermo Galindo CTM concert 1
7 Galindo CTM lecture 1
8 Guillermo Galindo CTM concert 2
9 Galindo CTM lecture 2
10 Galindo CTM concert 3
11 Galindo CTM lecture 3
12 Zammmmma by Pilocka Krach
13 Galindo lecture 4
14 Galindo CTM concert 4
15 Galindo lecture 5
16 Force by Tanya Tagaq
17 Galindo lecture 6
18 Retribution by Tanya Tagaq
19 Galindo lecture – q&a
20 Irreducible Horizon by Elysia Crampton & Why Be
21 Freeze by Manu Delago
22 emptyness is my fashion by Benzokai
23 facing the truth by DJ Loser
24 tiptop presso bar by Új Bála & friends
25 definatly golden by KDMS
26 Matthew Herbert

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