28.4.2023 Lecture/ Workshop: Facilitating a Queer Counter Club Culture, Frankfurt Main

In this lecture on queer counter cultures in music and clubbing I will outline discourses and concepts on music, collectivity and sonic bodies or feminist and post-colonial debates in academia and electronic music scenes (1). Early queer-diasporic clubbing in NYC in the 70s & 80s, Free-Tek in the 90s and Anti-Parades in the 2000s are presented as examples of counter cultures within clubbing and electronic music in the past decades (2). This is followed by a discussion on the situation in Frankfurt and how safer and more diverse spaces could be established.

To all the qt’s out there!

The qtspace opens its doors for an evening of queerfeminist party, performance, music and politics!

FREE ENTRY / on donation basis

19:30 | Door opens

20:00 | Workshop „Facilitating a Queer Counter Club Culture“ by Bianca Ludewig

22:30 | PARTEEY

//slambear B2B Boujamie

//Performances tba

//SK Libra


qtspace is a queer party series. We want to bring together theory and practice of collective spaces and create a new safe space for queers, migrants and allies in Frankfurt.

Workshop: The workshop will be about how to create and maintain a queer counterculture, what we want (in Frankfurt) and how we can shape it.

Party and Awareness: We want to dance together to the music of the fabulous DJs viben. Of course we have an awareness concept for this. There will be compulsory testing on a donation basis. Tests are also available on site for a donation.

Barriers: Please contact us if you have any questions about accessibility.

Wanna help?

If you would like to support us, here is more info: https://t.me/+Tt3bwO4tWV41MWMy

Contact: qtspace.ffm@gmail.com

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