Best of WiseUp 2018 #2: Rerun 3/2005 – Mike Patton

We continue the Rerun-issues 2018 with a show that was done long ago in March 2005 and transmitted via the free radio station in Hamburg FSK, where wiseup-radio started. It features an interview with Mike Patton about his album with the turntablists X-Ecutioners which was released back then, and it also features a short excerpt of an interview done with the Beatboxer Rahzel. The interviews are in English language but the moderation is in German and exceptionally also has a German translation of the interview.

Each rerun features a short update about the artists. For me who hasn’t followed his path for the past years it was amazing to see what he has done meanwhile. Luckily artist like him make intensive use of their time converting it into inspiring music adventures.
This show features tracks of General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners and other projects of Patton like Mr. Bungle, Mondo Cane or his collaboration with Björk, alsongside with soundtracks and related hiphop tracks.

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