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27.11.2021 – Sound System Culture: Solidarity Networks in Te(k)no Communities Panel Discussion @ CURA Berlin

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Eine Tanzperformance von Gloria Höckner Im September ist das Tanzstück Futurecore 2000 der in Hamburg lebenden Wiener Choreografin Gloria Höckner zu Hardcore im Kraftwerkbille zu sehen. Am Freitag werden wir im Anschluss gemeinsam über unsere Perspektiven auf Hardcore Techno sprechen. Termine, siehe weiter unten. Hier der Infotext zum Stück: „Inspiriert durch die Praxis des Raves, Read the full article… »»»»

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WiseUp! 03/2016 – CTM 2016: Beirut Musicscene & Rojava Revolution

The CTM festival 2016 focused on „new“ geographies in the global landscape. Together with last months edition this is a unit dealing with musical & political activities in the Middle East. WiseUp focuses its attention once more towards the Lebanon in an interview with Beiruts radiohost & music activist Ziad Nawfal.
The second part features the Rojava solidarity campaign organized by the network female:pressure. They introduced their initiative for the women of Rojava at the CTM discourse program with a discussion of f:p members DJ Ipek, AGF, Sky Deep, Annie Goh and women involved in the Rojava Revolution. »»»»

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