Conference „Breaking Rules – European Hip Hop Meeting“, 11th-12th of September 2020 Rotterdam (NL)

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On September 11th and 12th, 2020 the third edition of the European Hip Hop Studies Network Meeting will take place – live and online – in the Netherlands for the first time. And hip hop city Rotterdam will be hosting it.

I am very happy to be part of this exciting conference! Though it is a shame I can’t be there live, just being one of those who participate online. As for those interested in hardcore Rotterdam is a sort of Mekka, a holy place one has to visit at least once in a lifetime. In my mind I was engaging besides the conference in interviews, buying records and attending small hardcore parties in Rotterdam… But I guess it must happen another time. Nonetheless this conference is something I have dreamed of: we are invited to break the rules, including those of academia!

I prepared a podcast for the conference which you can listen to here:

Here is the Abstract: Academic literature and theory on hip-hop played a crucial part in different aspects of my ethnography and analysis on hardcore techno. This podcast will outline the role of hip-hop in hardcore techno. And it will enable you to listen to the music at stake. You will be guided by The DJ Producer (Luke McMillan), a pioneer of the hip-hop influenced side of the genre. He will talk about 30 years of experience in hardcore permeated and spiced up through hip-hop elements and techniques. Techno and hip-hop crossed paths as some individuals started to use hip-hop samples and turntablism techniques in gabber and hardcore. This is due to the musical background of some producers and DJs who were socialized with hip-hop as teenagers. As a consequence, they integrated their musical knowledge and techniques into hardcore. This even became a subgenre called UK hardcore with labels like Deathchant, Rebelscum, or Audio Damage who made this style popular. On Saturday 14pm there will be a Q&A session online about the podcast, related research and open questions.

But the whole conference is extremly interesting. You can find the complete program and line-up here

The line-up will be a mix of international hip hop scholars, hip hop artists, graffiti specialists and urban culture experts. Such as: Ian Solomon-Kawall, Gregor Bulc and Dieuwertje Heuvelings. There will be Artist Talks – by bboy break dancer Redo, rapper Akwasi, and street soccer specialist Rocky – on the impact of hip hop on their lives and how they use this impact to inspire youth. These sessions will be live streamed online.

In addition, there will be sessions on hip hop studies, online and offline. For instance: get to know 12 young Dutch hip hop scholars who are grounded in the hip hop and academic community, experience a somethin’-out-of-nothin’ session or an in the moment analysis of hip hop tracks, get involved in discussion on feminism in hip hop or share your thoughts on issues of belonging and non-belonging in hip hop.

In short: a wide array of lively interactive sessions in which the audience’s participation and knowledge is indispensable. Feel free to join, feel free to share your thoughts, so that research on hip hop and its real life practice can reinforce each other.

This network meeting is organized by LKCA in cooperation with EHHSN and will take place during the Rotterdam Street Culture Weekend. The main language used in the meeting will be English.

Check out the complete all speakers, artists and topics for discussion.

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