7.-10. April, Input und Artisttalk, Rewire Festival @ The Hague (NL)

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Lecture/ Talk 9th of April‚Affective Communities‘ at Korzo Club.

„In my research I approach different urban scenes that come together through music as audio social communities. Audio social communities are in most cases affective communities. This is true for most of the scenes linked to electronic music, club culture or experimental sound practices. I want to present some of my findings that show how affect is linked to contemporary forms of communality, and what role sound and the sonic experience have within certain genres, and events. The aim of such affective communities in music is, for example, to combat fear as a postmodern phenomenon, through rhythm, resonance, speed, vibrations, volume, or atmospheres“.

Artisttalk 10th of April with Nkisi about her recent musical work and research.

„Meshing hard techno and gabber beats with pan-African drum rhythms and pairing IDM electronics with juke house, Nkisi is a truly unique talent defying genre classification. We catch up with the London-based, Congolese-Belgian DJ, producer and activist to discuss her forthcoming album on Lee Gamble’s UIQ, her collective, NON Worldwide, and the influence of African cosmology on her work…“. (DJ Mag 2019)

„Theorist Bianca Ludewig will join Nkisi on Sunday 10 April for a conversation on the educational and healing properties in vibrations, in connection with the sonic ancestral research that feeds into Nkisi’s new project with The Secret Institute titled Invisible Gestures – the first encounter of this project will be shared Saturday night at Paard“. (Programme Rewire)

Rewire Info:

Rewire is an annual international festival for adventurous music. In 2021, Rewire broke with its traditional format and presented a fully online edition of the festival in May, which was followed by an intimate offline edition in The Hague in September. Across four days from 7 – 10 April 2022, Rewire will return to The Hague with its eleventh festival edition, bringing together a wide range of musical and interdisciplinary performances, specially commissioned works, club nights, installations, talks, screenings, and more.

Special Online Event 7th of April, 19pm:

On the Thursday prelude to the festival, activist and academic Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta will share an online keynote lecture on his notion of ‘Stranger Intimacy’ and will offer an introduction to affect theory and its relationship to sound and music.

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