WiseUp! 9/2014 Ars Electronica – TimesUp Artcollective

Wiseup visited the Ars Electronica festival in Linz/ Austria which had its 35th anniversary this september. The festival was the starting point for researching the cultural landscape and artscene in Linz, which is entangled with the emergence and advancement of the Ars Electronica – festival for technology, art & society.
This first part of a series is dealing with Roy Ascott, who was awarded with the new prix “visonary pioneer of media art” at the Ars Electronica. This intro is followed by an interview with the art collective and laboratory for the construction of experimental situations “Time’s Up”.

The words and texts are accompanied by music connected to the Ars Electronica concertnight “in a perpetual state of flux”. Playlist: machinefabriek, philip glass, delia derbyshire, clark, peder mannerfelt, the knife, erlend oye and more.

This edition is completely in english language!


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