The Fabulous Destiny of Beaware – Mixtape 2004 – SideB

This is a mixtape I made back in 2004 for promotion of my website and radioshow that had – back then – a focus on rap/hiphop in german language. So it features artists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but also non hiphop tracks. It is dedicated to a special atmosphere of nostalgia – thoughts about days gone by, growing up, getting older. Even if one does not understand German its easy to catch the vibe. It was recorded on a special tape length of 50 minutes on each side. Side A & B can stand alone, but together they complete the story. I miss this unique format and way of recording music. Mix contains also lots of samples from records, audio dramas & movies. On the cover it said: “100 hot minutes of heavy non-turntablism-cutandsample-listeningpleasure”. So I guess thats what you get.

Here the B-Side of the Mixtape. It features less hiphop and more other genres. So be aware! Haha what a nerdy DJ name…

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