WiseUp 08/2017 Wiener Festwochen – Performeum:Hyperreality:Hysteria

Wiseupradio explores another club culture avantgarde festival called Hyperreality. HR is part of the Wiener Festwochen, which are happening since the 1950s and are showcasing cutting edge cultural productions in music, theatre or fine arts. This year a new creative director & curatorial team started their work. Postcolonial approaches and diversity discourses framed the agenda to address high culture as well as sub- or counterculture and a new welcoming culture for refugees.

Marlene Engel will talk about the new format Hyperreality; in another interview Johannes Maile and Nadine Jessen give background info on the space Performeum which they conceptualized. This is accompanied by a Hyperreality inspired soundtrack and recordings of the Hysteria fraternity’s Festwochen event. Hysteria is one of the largest & oldest organizations in Austria (and probably Europe) for women and transgender artists & cultural activist.


Playing tracks by

Fatima Al Qadiri, Hito Steyerl & Juliana Huxtable, Konrad Sprenger, Jay Boogie, Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Balázs Pándi, Born in Flamez and more.

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