WiseUp! 12/2013 – End of the year review

Much good music in the field of future beats, hiphop and other genres has been made & released in 2013: emika, copeland, om unit, raffertie, acid washed, the uncluded, damion davis and more. For details see the playlist.

WISEUP! @ FREIRAD 18.12.2013, 14-16h/ @ Pi Radio 18.12.2013, 01-03am

Jahresrückblick / end-of-year review

1. Artist: 2. Titel: 3. Label: 4. Year: 5. Record Title

den sorte skole: riforme: 2013: lektion III:

den sorte skole: staklenih: 2013: lektion III:

offshore: fraser: big dada: 2012: bake haus

offshore: lifes too: big dada: 2012: bake haus

maya jane coles: comfort: 2013: comfort

maya jane coles feat miss kittin: take a ride: 2013: comfort

emika: sleep with my enemies: ninja tune 2013: dva

copeland & gast: strict: all bone: 2013: 12″

john t. gast: gunpowder: men scryfa: 2013: exile ep

dean blunt:demon: hippos in tanks: 2013: the redeemer

om unit feat mc jabu: patients: civil: 2013: threads

om unit feat gone the hero: jus sayin: civil: 2013: threads

om unit feaT charlie dark: the road: civil:2013: threads

moderat: versions: monkey town: 2013: II

benjamin damage: simulation: 2013: 50weapons meet monkeytown

deo & z-man: tales of love: hafendisko: 2013: no bullshit

raffertie: build me up: ninja tune: 2013: sleep of reason

raffertie: known: ninja tune: 2013: sleep of reason

depeche mode: my little universe: columbia/ mute: 2013: delta machine

acid washed: gasoline: record makers: 2013: house of melancholy

matthew dear: she is just that way: ghostly international: 2013: beams – complete edition

mia: bad girls: interscope: 2013: matangi

riton eat miss kittin: girls in the hood: ed banger: 2013:12″

sincane: jeeper creeper phon.o rmx: city slang: 2013: 12″ record shop day

tubbe: bad hupferl: audiolith: 2013: ten years from now

damion davis: alter: spoken view: 2013: querfeldein

the uncluded: the aquarium: rhymesayers: 2013: hokey fright

anika: in the city: stonesthrow: 2013: anika

patric catani: blingsanity: 2013: blingsanity

bonus tracks: the uncluded, candie hank, patric catani, michael mayer

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